Chath pierSath bio

Chath pierSath is a Cambodian artist, poet and humanitarian. He lost much of his family during the Khmer Rouge regime and was forced into a labor camp as a child before fleeing to Thailand in 1979. In 1981, he im­mi­grat­ed to the United States. PierSath works mainly with painting and collage and frequently experiments with media, often repurposing and re­cy­cling materials such as wooden slats and roof shingles. His paintings are deeply expressionistic and seem to attempt to reconcile haunting me­mor­ies of his childhood with his life in the United States and humanitarian work in Cambodia.

Chath pierSath’s solo exhibition I’m Here was presented at Tally Beck Contemporary in the summer of 2013. His new solo exhibition, Witnesses at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, opens at Tally Beck Contemporary on Sunday, September 21.