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What to Expect at This Year’s Market Art + Design
Hamptons Magazine, July 5, 2016

One of the area’s premier art fairs, Market Art + Design returns with a trove of exceptional works destined for the homes of the East End’s most discriminating collectors. There are hundreds of artists to discover at this year’s sixth edition of the fair. “The confluence of art and design is very timely, for the entire art world, and this demonstrates our ability to do it on a smaller scale,” says Kelly Freeman, director of Market Art + Design, which last year debuted a design component along with a new name (the fair was formerly known as Art Market Hamptons). Offering myriad options will be some 50 exhibitors, including Tally Beck Contemporary

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Animating the Word
Voice of America News
(Iran edition), December 23, 2014

An exhibition of art by selected contemporary Iranian artists from that country’s religious and ethnic minorities, who use some form of text or calligraphy as a part of their image-making process. Zoroastrian, Jewish, Christian Armenian and Christian Assyrian artists, mostly from Tehran and Isfahan, take part in this show, mounted by New York’s Tally Beck Gallery, as a form of homage to Harvard University professor Dr. Richard Frye, the late Iranian studies scholar, who founded an institution for studying the history and culture of Iran’s religious minorities.

Video (in Farsi):

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5 Top Satellite Shows at Art Basel Miami
Interior Design, December 5, 2014

Also in the midtown area is Miami Project, which is having a strong third edition this year. The spare paintings of Tom Techawong, seen in the Tally Beck Contemporary Booth, demonstrate the richness to be found if you look past the main fair.

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The Hamptons Heat Up
Woman Around Town, July 2, 2014

ArtMRKT Hamptons takes place on the same weekend as ArtHamptons, on the grounds of the Bridgehampton Historical Society. Some 40 galleries will be presenting work, and close to 10,000 people attended last year. Many interesting up-and-coming galleries are heading in from Manhattan, including Tally Beck Contemporary ….

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Complex Cosme’s Good Cause
Chelsea Now, December 4, 2013

Niccolo Cosme’s “The Altar Boy” is comprised of 16 large-scale personification photographs drawn from the artist’s background as a gay man growing up in the intensely Catholic culture of the Philippines. Inspired by the manner in which Christian imagery was adjusted to the context of different cultures, Cosme uses live models to stage photographs whose hyper-realism, says Tally Beck, recalls the surrealism of Pierre et Gilles while referencing ecstatic and hagiographical imagery.

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Critic’s Picks: Abstraction Strong at artMRKT 2013
Hamptons Art Hub, July 14, 2013

I was pleasantly surprised by artMKRT Hamptons 2013. This fair was organized wisely and the spaces let you breathe a little. Most importantly, the majority of booths actually had something real to offer. I was also intrigued that the strongest works were abstract paintings, collages and photos. These are my picks of some of the art I was impressed by: … “Blossoms 4” by Lenore Lim. Exhibited with Tally Beck Contemporary, New York, NY.

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Chath pierSath Exhibition: I’m Here
fashiondailymag, June 28, 2013

Mixed media master Chath pierSath focuses on his challenging past in Cambodia to shape complex, textured creations that you’ll have to see to believe. Visitors can now view his vivid artwork at the Tally Beck Contemporary gallery through end summer. Dubbed I’m Here, pierSath’s paintings grace NYC in this first ever 17 piece solo exhibition.

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Projects: Istanbul Sidewalk
The New Museum, Ideas City, May 2013

Istanbul Sidewalk considers the wide sidewalks of New York City to be untapped capital for the public, offering a surface for noncommercial social activities. While Central Park and Washington Square Park have become natural hubs for social gatherings, the streets can offer a more intimate and spontaneous experience for interaction between city dwellers. It is common in Middle Eastern cities like Istanbul for activities to overflow onto the sidewalk due to lack of space, which is the main inspiration behind Istanbul Sidewalk. Iyiofis consists of architects and designers from Istanbul who have been invited to work with Tally Beck Contemporary. We propose to play upon this untapped capital and encourage social interaction by introducing a common sidewalk activity from Istanbul: a game of tavla (backgammon) over a cup of tea.

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Art Rx
Hyperallergic, March 26, 2013

This week, the doctor told us to improve our diets, so we’re on a mission to select only the best shows and events to attend this week. In conjunction with their current show, Golden Grain: Thai Artist Songwoot Kaewvisit’s Solo Exhibition, Tally Beck will give a brief talk with a slideshow to provide background on Thai art history, artists and styles.

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Turkish Artist with an International Flair
Dünya, International Herald Tribune, February 15, 2013

Istanbul’s celebrated abstract composition artist Yigit Yazici has exhibited his artworks in over 60 art exhibitions and international art fairs. Last winter, he had his first solo exhibition in Manhattan’s Lower East Side titled “Nobody’s Business But the Turk’s” at the Tally Beck Contemporary showroom.

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Nobuhito Nishigawara: Body Doubles
Ceramics Monthly, February 2013

Nobuhito Nishigawara is an iconographic thief, a recycler of cultural symbols. His work splits apart time frames and elides past and present, offering narratives that yield contradictory stories. These stories chronicle a journey from the obscure, isolated past to a globalized present, one that relentlessly consumes and reconfigures all the cultures of the world. … Nishigawara expects viewers to decide on the personality of each piece based on their knowledge, background, and possible desire to categorize. You can’t identify the ethnicity of the source; it could be that of any number of ancient cultures. The idea of an identity conflict provoked by an object typifies his recent work; it generated the title of a recent exhibition, “Persona,” which was on view at Tally Beck Contemporary, in New York, New York. The objects displayed are marked by a singular set of characteristic and functions, part of the definition of persona.

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Nobuhito Nishigawara – Persona
Arthound, December 10, 2012

I came across this exhibit by Nobuhito Nishigawara by chance walking through the Lower East Side. I don’t have any strong attachment to Asian art but the metal and terracotta animal sculpture I saw at Tally Beck captured my heart. The playful and quirky conception of each animal is nothing if not fresh and inspiring while the materials and basic iconography, on the other hand, reference historical art of both Japan and the ancient world.

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Yiğit Yazıcı: Nobody’s Business but the Turk’s
EYES IN, November 13, 2012

Artist Yigit Yazici lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey. His work has been exhibited in over 60 exhibitions around the world. Yazici offers the viewer a new perspective on everyday life by incorporating ordinary objects, such as motorcycles, airplanes, and cameras, into his work.

Inspired by Pop Art, Expressionism, and the CoBRA movement, the artist layers bold colors with geometric shapes, incorporating elements of nature, surprise, and the mundane.

Nobody’s Business but the Turk’s,” Yigit Yazici’s first New York solo exhibition, will open at Tally Beck Contemporary today (Nov. 14, 2012), with an opening reception with the artist in attendance. The exhibition will run through Jan. 6, 2013.

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Istanbul Takes New York: A Look at 4 Fall Shows From Turkey’s Surging Art Scene
Blouin ArtInfo, October 24, 2012

A fixture on the Istanbul pop art scene, Yigit Yazici brings 12 fluorescent paintings to the Lower East Side’s contemporary Asian gallery Tally Beck next month. Yazici tarts up everyday imagery, such as motorcycles and furniture, with maze-like layers of neon paint. Earlier this year, in consistently Warholian fashion, Yazici designed an Absolut Istanbul label with a cartoonish tableau of the Galata Tower on the Bosphorous. He will return to the U.S. in December to attend Art Asia Miami with Tally Beck.

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Review: On the Threshold of the Senses: New Art from Southeast Asia
Superchief, April 3, 2012

Tally Beck Contemporary is a small gallery in the LES whose focus is on Asian Contemporary Art. I stopped by last Wednesday for a talk with Brian Curtin, curator of the current show “On the Threshold of the Senses: New Art from Southeast Asia.” It’s a powerful show and the pieces have so much depth to them. The show is up until the 29th of April, so go check it out as soon as you can. April flies by, and this show is not to be missed!

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Sin City—Impressions of Shanghai: New Work by island6
Mana Log, February 23, 2012

Tally Beck Contemporary is currently wrapping up an exhibition of the artist collective island6 from Shanghai, China. island6 uses electronic media to characterize the city of Shanghai. The work that 
is being shown focuses on female sexuality and issues of exoticism, eroticism and
 orientalism. Shanghai is considered a showpiece that represents the booming
 economy of Mainland China. The Bund, or the stretch of skyline by the bank of the
 Huangpu River contains an elaborate collection of early 20th century architecture – a 
blinking, beaming tourist destination seems to be mimicked by the exhibition.

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Adrift in Shanghai’s Sin City
Hyperallergic, February 3, 2012

Liu Dao, or island6, a Shanghai-based international collective of “multimedia artists, performers, writers, curators and tech-geeks” personify the aspirations of contemporary China by skirting verboten political flashpoints and keeping their content short, sweet, flirtatious, erotic and electronic. Their new show at Tally Beck Contemporary in Manhattan’s Lower East Side uses LED lights against a mostly black background. They invoke French Concession influences endemic throughout old Shanghai. Sin City contains their signature 1930s “Boop-oop-a-Doop” Betty Boop aesthetics, personified by flickering displays of shimmying breasts, wind-blown skirts, strippers, pouty lip kisses, fervently touching toes and electronic scrawled lipstick-on-mirror confessions of tortured romantic entanglements. Shanghai, fondly referred to by the collective as the “Whore of the Orient,” doesn’t seem to promote many male figures except as occasional nefarious influences, a position they are proudly unapologetic about…. Cutting into canvas, no matter what the medium, and LED displays are not new here in the West. What is so soigné about island6 is their clever use of Shanghai’s colonial past to titillate, delight and sugar coat a nostalgic view that has seen, like the rejected mistress, better days as it morphs before our very eyes into the shinning pinnacle of the new Cathay.

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AO On Site – Los Angeles
Art Observed, February 4, 2012

January is a notoriously busy time here in Los Angeles when the two major art fairs in the city, the LA Art Show and Art LA Contemporary, set up shop across town from one another, daring fair-goers to make the arduous trek back and forth across one of the lifelines of the urban sprawl, the dreaded 10 freeway. The opening night performances at both fairs also marked the start of the much-anticipated Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival, which itself encompasses over 30 performances and events across the city. The weekend began with the opening party for the LA Art Show on Wednesday, which offered the unveiling of the grand Chinese Pavilion, a new addition to this year’s fair. The presence of East and Southeast Asian art production also extended into the booths where a number of the most enigmatic works presented were by Chinese and Thai artists. At Tally Beck Contemporary, the work of the Shanghai collective island6 played with 21st LED signage in humorous ways.

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Sin City – Impressions Of Shanghai: New Work By island6
Guest of a Guest, January 26, 2012

Last night, island6 celebrated their opening of “Sin City-Impressions of Shanghai” at the Tally Beck Contemporary. Based in Shanghai, island6 is collective of artists, who have recently gone global, specializing in electronic LED multimedia.

Their work in the Tally Beck Contemporary examines the many issues of sexuality in light of a 1930s Shanghai. The exhibit represents thematic values of exoticism, eroticism and Orientalism. In celebration of the Chinese New Year, there was a lion dance performance by Dance China New York. Catering was provided by Marja Samsom.

Founded in 2010, the Tally Beck Contemporary is a New York-based gallery that also operates a private dealership in Bangkok, focusing on Asian contemporary art.

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International Asian Art Fair in Miami
EYES IN Magazine, December 30, 2011

ART ASIA Miami 2011, the premier International Asian art fair, successfully concluded its fourth edition on December 4th, 2011 with strong sales and attendance. ART ASIA attracted over 30,000 visitors and VIP guests all through its six-day run. With impressive international newcomer galleries joining, it was an exceptional showcase of art from diverse Asian regions including East Asia, South East Asia, India, and Middle East.

ART ASIA Presents was proud to showcase five special projects. Highlights of the series were Mu Ban Shui Yin, world premiere water-based woodblock prints of Fang Lijun, co-produced by Ethan Cohen Fine Arts (New York, USA) and PACE Prints (New York, USA); Emerging Voices from Iran and Iranian Diaspora, with artists Soody Shafir, Hadieh Shafie, Aghighi Bakhshayesh, Maryam Ashkanian, Asad Faulwell, Sissi Farassat, curated by Galerie Kashya Hildebrand (Zurich, Switzerland); and Laurens Tan’s Happy Toy, curated by Tally Beck Contemporary (Bangkok, Thailand/New York, USA).

Newcomer galleries included AiBo Fine Asian Art (Rye, NY, USA/Hanoi, Vietnam), Crimson Gate (Miami, FL, USA), FEAST Projects (Hong Kong), Galerie Ora-Ora (Honk Kong), KIMJAESUN Gallery (Busan, Korea), Tally Beck Contemporary (New York, USA/Bangkok, Thailand), and Zadok Gallery (Miami, FL, USA).

For this year, collectors showed especially strong interest in South East Asian art and galleries. AiBo Fine Asian Art, Tally Beck Contemporary, and Karin Weber Gallery reported exceptionally triumphant sales.

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More Than Niche, Asia Influences Art Basel Miami Beach
theWanderlister+ Asia, December 18, 2011

The most concentrated collection of Asian artists and galleries during the visual onslaught that is Art Basel Miami Beach is Art Asia, a satellite fair sharing a pavilion in Midtown Miami with the 11-year old SCOPE Art Fair. Galleries from Moscow, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hanoi and Beijing were among those locales represented for an audience exceeding 10,000 visitors. International galleries Sundaram Tagore (with bases in New York, Beverly Hills and Hong Kong), Tally Beck (New York and Bangkok), Eli Klein Fine Art (New York and Beijing) and AiBo Fine Asian Art (New York and Hanoi) acted as a fulcrum to balance a diverse range of visitors who, very likely, have had limited exposure to a faithful representation of Asian art in Miami.

One of Tally Beck’s artists stood out in particular in the form of Bangkok-based artist and architecture lecturer Be Takerng Pattanopas. Seeming to be little more than flutters or wisps of color onto linen-toned canvases, hints of red and black are ‘Hairscapes’; a reflection on the artist’s self-professed fetish with human hair, these poetic treatises drew more than a few eyes. Electing a series of gestures which backed away from aggressive political protest or submission to Western tastes, these ink drawings captured the ideal (but wholly perceivable) spirit of Thailand, itself: pure, non-cynical and light.

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Signed and Sealed: Conclusions from Miami Art Week
FAD, December 12, 2011

Under the temporary roof of its pavilion in the Wynwood Arts District, Scope segued into Art Asia Miami where standout works also pushed the limits of candy-pop colours – as well as technology. ‘Jin & Jin’ by Laurens Tan at Tally Beck Contemporary, with its combination of sculpture and CGI video loops, headed to the future with a helping of kitsch.  Arresting 3D work and installation was the centre-point of many of the most memorable booths across the art week fairs.

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Shiny Bliss: Laurens Tan’s Happy Toy at Tally Beck Contemporary
ArtSlant, October 10, 2011

Laurens Tan may be on the far side of sixty with a doctorate to his credit, but he has not lost his zeal for playthings. His solo exhibition, “Happy Toy,” is a complex body of work that includes sculpture, video, and 3D-modeled prints. The exhibition is centered around a pair of figurines, “Jin & Jin,” which Tan happened across one afternoon in a Beijing market. These cheap toys become archetypal figures in Tan’s new work, opening up a space for the artist to tease out various socio-cultural connections in Chinese culture.

There is a certain cheeriness to Tan’s work; everything is shiny and bright without a scuff or scratch to be noted. It is so buoyantly sunny, in fact, that it calls its own happiness into question. Is it authentic or merely a projection of bliss covering up something equally dark and sinister? Is the toy a vehicle for play and imagination or a tool of influence? It may be all of the above. Tan’s work opens up such questions, but it doesn’t attempt to give any answers.

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Transcending Barriers: George Tun Sein at Tally Beck Contemporary
artcritical, August 2, 2011

Abstract painting affords a paradox. Although many cultures have employed abstract elements in their decorative arts, only in the Western tradition is abstraction a thing in itself. But Western-style abstract painting is also one of the most universal art forms.  Artists born clear around the globe have mastered it, and educated adults of every culture can enjoy abstract artists from other cultures without having to know anything about the culture that produced them.  Representational art typically depicts subject matter associated with its culture, and for that reason may require or presuppose some knowledge of the subject matter depicted, but to the extent that an abstract painting represents a triumph of style over subject matter, it can transcend linguistic (and temporal) barriers.

The paintings of George Tun Sein at Tally Beck achieve this transcendence, while at the same time giving subtle evidence of a range of experience that synthesizes West with East.

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Tally Beck Contemporary Exhibits Chinese Art at SCOPE Basel
The Art Dossier, June 13, 2011

The artists Tally Beck Contemporary brings to Scope Basel this year are four talented artists from the Chinese contemporary scene. Chen Jiao is an award winning Chinese painter, who presents ironic precisionist paintings of the architecture, vegetation and scholastic and bureaucratic vignettes remembered from her youth in Southwestern China. Chen Ping, also from China, but currently based in Australia, plays with the border between abstraction and representation in his highly textured, monumental oils. From Shanghai, island6 is an artists’ collective that collaborates on dynamic LED pieces that provide an electronically animated commentary on exoticism. Anne Li’s crisp photography injects humanity into rigorous formal compositions.

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Tally Beck Contemporary Exhibits Chinese and Thai Works at SCOPE NY
The Art Dossier, February 25, 2011

Tally Beck Contemporary will participate in SCOPE New York and feature artwork by Chinese artists Anne Li, Chen Ping, island6 and Thai artists Be Takerng Pattanopas and Songwoot Kaewvisit.

The artists the gallery brings to Scope this year will range from new talent to firmly established names in the Asian contemporary scene. Anne Li is a Chinese photographer, trained in Paris, whose photographs embody a crisp refinement and reveal the artist’s unique insights into humanity and formal concerns. Chen Ping, also from China, but currently based in Tasmania, plays with the border between abstraction and representation in his highly textured, monumental oils. Island6 is an artists’ collective in Shanghai that collaborates on dynamic LED pieces that provide an electronically animated commentary on Orientalism.

Thai artist Be Takerng Pattanopas is noted for his intricate pen drawings that meticulously attempt to define three-dimensional space on paper. From Thailand’s northeastern Isaan region, painter Songwoot Kaewvisit monumentalizes Thai traditional medicine with larger-than-life photorealism.

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island6 ‘Plugs In’ on Lower East Side
NearSay, January 11, 2011

The Lower East Side just got a whole lot brighter. Island6 opened its new art exhibit, Plugged In, consisting entirely of LED lighted pieces, at the Tally Beck Contemporary Gallery. The art exhibit, the group’s first solo show in North America, is a modern and exciting presentation that is tinged with traditional Asian influences – think Lite-Brite gone high class and Asian.

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A Year of Thai Art in Review
Bangkok Post, December 23, 2010

Bangkok’s newest art dealer Tally Beck is running a space in New York, where he exhibited Be Takerng Pattanopas‘s brilliant new drawings as part of a group show.

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Chen Ping
Art Insight, August 2010

Chen Ping has recently signed up with Tally Beck Contemporary, an art company set to launch in the coming months. Tally Beck is a distinguished Chinese art expert from the New York University and long-time manager of Red Gate Gallery in Beijing. The business will launch in Beijing, Thailand and New York with a base in Europe to follow. Tally Beck has officially invited Chen Ping to join his artist stable and touring launch exhibition involving –

Launch Exhibition Event Tour
A one-month tour of the U.S. covering 3 cities: New York, Mobile and San Francisco. His work would be part of all three group commercial shows during the month in conjunction with the media launch event for the company.

Collection Proposal Portfolio
A prominent American collector has asked Tally Beck Contemporary to compile a portfolio of work by Asian artists for him to consider for his private collection. Chen Ping has been invited to submit works.

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Paintings With Pinot
Newsweek, April 10, 2009

To the casual observer, the March 7 gathering at Beijing’s Philippe Starck–designed LAN Club looked like the start of any Saturday night. Members of the city’s business and cultural elite, dressed to impress, sipped from champagne flutes and mingled as the noise level steadily rose. But the guests were there not just to drink or dance: they were celebrating the opening of Chinese photographer Liu Gang’s exhibition in the space. Organized in conjunction with Beijing’s Üllens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA), the exhibit of absurdist photos, titled “Merlin, Champagne and Regalia,” represents a new kind of extravagance not seen before by China’s rapidly growing art community. “Their lavish openings are certainly something to behold,” says Lee Ambrozy, a local observer who writes the art blog Sinopop. “Black tie, bodyguards, champagne fountains and all!”

“The target now is the new collector,” explains Tally Beck, director of Red Gate Gallery in Beijing. To lure that new collector, Beck organized a catered affair with music for a recent opening of Xie Guoping’s first solo exhibition, titled “No Trace,” held at Beijing’s Dongbianmen Watchtower gallery. After spending a few hours in the space, the viewing moved to Beck’s home, where Xie’s canvases were also hung, and the real party began. Rather than present the artwork in a sterile environment, Beck wanted to demonstrate how the pieces would look in a home setting, making them more accessible and saleable.

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